HPE UCMDB CM: The log files show incorrect time.

  • KM02754917
  • 20-Mar-2017
  • 20-Mar-2017


The time stamps in Configuration manager's log files may show the invalid time, and it may cause different side-effects concerning the authorization process for example. The document describes how to deal with such issues.


The time stamps in Configuration manager's log files are not correct. For example, the time stamps are 1 hour ahead of OS system time for the machine at Europe/Moscow time zone. There maybe also appear authorization-related issues because of it.


The issue appears when the relevant 3d party java files are not up to date and do not reflect the recent changes in time handling in that area (e.g. in Europe/Moscow).


To correct this behavior the following can be done:

1. Download tzupdater tool from Oracle web site: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/documentation/tzupdater-readme-136440.html
2. Backup the CM Java folder and put the tool into it (c:\hp\CM_10.2.0.0\java\windows\x86_64\bin).
3. Execute the appropriate command from CM java folder to execute the tool (java -jar tzupdater.jar -v -l)
4. The message like "JRE updated to version ..." should appear.
5. Start the CM and check the log files.