How to abort running or hang processes

  • KM02750995
  • 12-Mar-2017
  • 12-Mar-2017

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procedure to abort running/hang processes on VM Exploree


Make sure that no other actual task (backup, replication, etc.) are running.
1. Close VM Explorer GUI if it is running.
2. Stop the Trilead VM Explorer Service - Under the Windows Services, find the Trilead VM Explorer Service, Right click the service, select "Stop"
3. Open Windows Task Manager  Under the Processes tab, check if there are processes called Trilead VM Explorer (possibly under background processes, or VMX.exe).
4. Right click those running/hang processes and select "End Task". Check if there is any residual file or folder regarding those faulty/aborted tasks in the target drive, such as the backup folders or some disk files.
5. Start Trilead VM Explorer Service, from the Windows Services. To do this, right click the service, select "Start".
6. Open VM Explorer and see if the replication Tasks are still on "Running" rather than  Aborted.