How to debug Disaster Recovery in Data Protector

  • KM02743556
  • 01-Mar-2017
  • 01-Mar-2017

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


collecting data for Disaster Recovery is an important step to resolving problems


Disaster Recovery will sometimes fail with very generic erros. It may be necessary to collect logs for support to find  the root case of the problem


First check the Disaster Recovery PDF which can be found in the Data Protector GUI under the Help/ Guides context for recommendations and restrictions to confirm that all of the proper steps have been taken to assure a successful backup and recoevry. Once this is done, check the section entitled Troubleshooting disaster recovery for specific steps to address known problems. Steps to collect debugs can be found in the Disaster Recovery for Windows Systems chapter as well as the  Troubleshooting Chapter. With this information collected support should have the information it needs to determine root cause and resolve the issue.