Error registering cloned VM

  • KM02741411
  • 27-Feb-2017
  • 08-Mar-2021


VEPA 3Par/ZDB session reports unable to register some cloned Virtual Machines


[Major] From: ""  Time: 02/10/2017 10:30:08 AM
                Virtual Machine 'XXXXXXX_DP': Could not be registered.

[Major] From: ""  Time: 02/10/2017 10:30:08 AM
Error registering cloned VM


Data Protector debug analysis showed that vepa agent was unable to register some cloned VMs because the names of such VMs were already existing.
This usually happens when a previous session failed in such a way it didn't manage to execute the cleaning steps.


The solution is to manually un-register the 'XXXXXXX_DP' VM(s).
In such case and besides cleaning theses registerd VMs, one has to check and clean up any corresponding exported
snapshots (3PAR side) and any mounted snapshots(ESX side).