Agent file restore not working on replacement device.

  • KM02720299
  • 03-Feb-2017
  • 03-Feb-2017

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To recover MX-protected files to a new or replacement device, you perform "device migration" at the end of agent installation by choosing to register it as a replacement for an existing device. Then you create and start a restore of user data to the new device.


After agent installation on the replacement device, the customer did not know how to correctly register the device. So a new account was registered with no association to the user's backup set.


Excerpt from online Help ...

Migrate Your HPE Connected MX Data

"When you replace your computer or reinstall its operating system, the logical connection between the device and its backup set breaks because HPE Connected MX (HPE CMX) treats the computer as a new device. If you want the new computer to adopt the old computer's backup set and user-created rules as its own, you or your data administrator must migrate them. Agent preferences set directly through the Agent are not part of the migration process and reset to their default values.

"During the migration process, HPE CMX registers the computer as a new device, reassigns the old computer's backup set and user-created rules to it, and permanently deletes the old device. When migration completes, you receive an email message that confirms the migration and the Agent automatically starts{C}{C}{C}{C} to sync files with HPE CMX. If you or your data administrator started a restore request for the device, the Agent then restores files from the device's new backup set. After any restores complete, the Agent scans the computer for files that require backup based on administrative policy and any user-created rules migrated from the old device. It starts to back up files, if necessary, at the next backup interval."

Refer to these topics in online help for complete details: Migration Overview and Migrate Your HPE Connected MX Data.