Backup Navigator 9.40 steps to reconfigure when there is a change in hostname

  • KM02709217
  • 25-Jan-2017
  • 29-Oct-2018


Steps to reconfigure Backup Navigator when hostname change requested


Backup Navigator 9.40 on RedHat 6.6

Steps to perform if hostname or domain on BN host is changed



1.            Stop Apache Tomcat webserver:

•             # service tomcat stop

2.            Modify /opt/dpa-ext/conf/ file:

Following line that points to location of database needs to be corrected.
dataSource.url = jdbc:postgresql://hostname.domain:5432/navigator

3.            Changes on database


•             # sudo –u postgres psql

•             connect to main database, name can be read from previous step, end of url
# \c navigator

•             # UPDATE cells SET host  = 'hostname.domain';

•             # UPDATE configuration SET db_host  = 'hostname.domain';

•             # SELECT * FROM pg_foreign_server; //lists all foreign servers

•             Run this query for each srvname, until all servers have correct host in srvoptions
# ALTER SERVER "srvname_data" OPTIONS (SET host 'hostname.domain'); //replace srvname_data with data in output column srvname

4.            Delete the old license in /opt/dpa-ext/licensing

•             replace x with postgres version should be 4 or 5
# service postgresql-9.x restart

•             # service tomcat start

5.            For new license, navigate to (you will need EON – entitlement order number) and first deactivate licenses (using old hostname) and then activate them again (using new hostname)


6.            In Data Protector modify “Client system” in “users” for user that BN uses (mostly root root hostname) and then check in BN GUI go to Administration -> Cell Managers, select each one -> Edit -> Test Configuration, everything should be green.