Force a DataCenter deletion by calling REST API

  • KM02681178
  • 13-Dec-2016
  • 13-Dec-2016


First, you need to be sure that you need to delete a VIM or a DataCenter. This operation has no rollback option. This operation is recommended for PoC and test environments. Here detailed all the steps to perform a complete VIM deletion.



How can I delete completely a VIM? You should remove the entire Data Center.

This is userful when you noticed that the discovery process failed or simply you need to recreate the Data Center structure (please, be careful, this operation will destroy the ALL the structure and no rollback operation will be possible).



Steps to perform a full DataCenter deletion by using rest API:

  1. Get the DataCenter artifactID (DATACENTER:GENERIC): you can find it if you enter in the UI as domain user and perform this operation: Instances -> Other -> Data Center. In the URL you can identify the DC artifactID.
  2. for version 4.0.X: DELETE /nfvd/discovery/artifact/{datacenerArtifactId} where {datacenerArtifactId} is the artifactId obtained in step 1.
  3. for version 4.1 and next: DELETE /nfvd/discovery/{datacenerArtifactId}/artifact/{datacenerArtifactId} where {datacenerArtifactId} is the artifactId obtained in step 1.

You can perform REST operations by using CURL command in UNIX systems (please, provide a valid token to authenticate the request):

curl -X DELETE -H "X-Auth-Token: 3778fe88-e71d-4444-866c-31yyf7fd450b" "host:port/nfvd/discovery/{datacenerArtifactId}/artifact/{datacenerArtifactId}