Internal Database backup fails with Critical Error; Backup of the object ConfigurationFiles failed

  • KM02677929
  • 07-Dec-2016
  • 23-Feb-2018


Variable exists to resolve this inconsistent error


Inconsistent IDB backup failure may occur with the following error

[Critical] From: OB2BAR_POSTGRES_BAR@server "DPIDB"  Time: 11/6/2016 4:04:30 PM
Backup of the object ConfigurationFiles failed


IDB backup first traverses all IDB files and after this step is finished then the actual backup of files is done.


In the time between the traverse and backup operations some files can get deleted by some other DP processes.



For such occasions this omnirc variable was introduced from DP 9.03(CRID: QCCR2A56340):



# Default: 0

# This option is used to skip backup of checkpoint files during IDB Backup.

# By default these files are not skipped.

# Files located here enable resume of failed Oracle backup sessions. So skipping

# backup of these files could mean losing resume functionality.

# Windows: <Data_Protector_home>\Config\Server\Sessions\checkpoint


In this case it was advised to set the variable and retry the operation, which proved successful.