Launch Report not avialable in Test Lab

  • KM02609572
  • 03-Nov-2016
  • 03-Nov-2016


After ALM 12.53 upgrade the launch report button is not displayed in the test instance


The UFT test machine does not display the 'Launch Report' button , even after a UFT test instance is executed in ALM 12.53 , the ‘Launch Report’ button is not visible in ALM.


There could be multiple causes , but the most common one is related to the Run Results viewer (RRv); in most of the cases,  this plugin was not installed as part of the UFT installation.
To install/reinstall the RRv launch the Control Panel-> Programs and Features -> Add Remove Programs -> right click over the UFT program in the list, select modify, click next untill the custom setup is displayed,  select Run Results Viewer:

UFT Custom Setup

The second most common issue is related to the UFT HPE ALM addin, this has to be installed as well this came into the UFT media, please install it .