Adding Probe TQL Constraint error

  • KM02607778
  • 31-Oct-2016
  • 31-Oct-2016


When user tries to add a Probe TQL Constraint, the range IP is not defined correctly and in cmdb.operation.log you see following some error message.


Add a probe TQL Constraint, when check the range ip user realizes that it was not defined correctly.

When check cmdb.operation.log you see following error message:  

Operation   Tql Query: Get Ad Hoc Map (By Pattern). Pattern [Probe_Display_V]()   ID:   598531401     FAILED (running time:    1 ms[ms])
com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.base.CmdbException: [ErrorCode [122] Properties condition exceeded maximum variables allowed]Pattern [Probe_Display_V] not valid. com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.tql.exception.
TqlValidationException: [ErrorCode [122] Properties condition exceeded maximum variables allowed]
Properties condition exceeded maximum variables allowed! number of vars: 1842 maximum vars allowed :200


This behavior and the error message is caused because in tql.validation.max.vars.propertiescondition the value is less than the IP Ranges received.

Out of the Box the default value is 50, in the previous example it is receiving 1842 and customer's value is 200. 

There is no restriction of number of IP ranges on cluster but to use TQL constraint feature there is a limitation, even single IP is considered as range if it defined separately.


Define greater value in fuse tql.validation.max.vars.propertiescondition, this value should be greater than the amount of received IP Ranges.

To do this go to JMX console search for Internal settings, search by "set internal settings", define customer ID, key=tql.validation.max.vars.propertiescondition, value=the new value, click invoke.