HP ALM Synchronizer: Cannot set TFS Bug state

  • KM02592870
  • 14-Oct-2016
  • 14-Oct-2016


Error when transferring all existing defects from HP ALM to TFS with the TFS "state" field.


Synchronization from

HP ALM <--> Jira    to HP ALM  <--> TFS

The setup is as follows:

  1. HP Application Lifecycle Management version 12.01
  2. Team Foundation Server 2013
  3. HP Application Lifecycle Management Synchronizer version
  4. Team Explorer 2012

The goal:  synchronize HP ALM defects to TFS defect at this stage. The first step is a one-time operation, that transfers all existing defects from HP ALM to TFS, including the "state" of the defects.
When leave out the state assigment,  the bug is created in TFS with state "New"

When assigning a state the following error is returned during the synchronization: 2

ERROR (Update.From1To2.Source-101) Update: threw an exception,skipping this entity and moving to the next, exception:update: general error AutomationException: AdapterException: Error in method TFSWorkItemStateMachine.GetShortestPath , can't update stata filed, value not allowed.


The destination TFS states are defined in arrays or single value lists with string values; which requires a list mapping from the ALM side as well. To solve it:

  1. This mapping process is needed when the TFS states values are not the same in the ALM list mapped in synchronizer, in such case this TFS state field synchronization requires to map each list value individually in the synchronizer through the  field mapping properties when they are different.
  2. When there is not a list in ALM to map the TFS state list. The list field must be created in HP ALM, then it must be used to create the map with TFS state "New", as a result TFS List fields must be mapped to list fields from ALM.
  3. When the lists are the same in both endpoints fields mapped in Sychronizer, there is not need to do a manual mapping, synchronizer will recognize that both list values exist and match.