"Internal Server Error" when saving Virtual Location window

  • KM02592822R
  • 14-Oct-2016
  • 14-Oct-2016

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"Internal Server Error" when saving Virtual Location window saving NV parameters in PerformanceCenter



When closing the Virtual Location window to save the Network Virtualization paramater, an error occurs and the NV was not saved.

Error Message:

"Internal Server Error"


On every PerformanceCenter Host, please do the following steps.

1. Open the IIS Manager
2. Go to the SNV app site
3. Under the IIS portion, click on Request Filtering
4. Go to the HTTP Verbs tab
5. Click on the PUT verb (if exists)
6. Click on Remove
7. Click on Allow Verb
8. Type in PUT (capitalized)
9. Click on the DELETE verb (if exists)
10. Click on Remove.
11. Click on Allow Verb
12. Type in DELETE (capitalized)
13. Restart IIS