How to set more device access variable in the Device Password Rule page.

  • KM02583180
  • 06-Oct-2016
  • 26-Apr-2021


This document is intended to provide a high level description on how set more access variable in NA than the ones we have available through GUI.


Common Question: Are we limited to the three "standard" (GUI drop down list) variables and three "custom" variables in the webUI, What happens in case we have all the standards and 3 custom filled?

How can we handle this situation .

There is an option to set more custom access variables than the three "standard" Device Access Settings section we have in the password rule page.
Adding the following option to the xml configuration file called adjustable_options.rcx (which is found in the default [NA_INSTALL]/jre directory).
<option name="drivers/access_vars/max">xx</option>
Where XX is the total number of options.  Options will be divided equally between pulldown, and adhoc. 
Also we count with a command in API "mod authentication"  to add new variables to define multiple variables using colon(:) after each variable for example:

mod authentication -loc db -rulename "Cisco Devices" -user xxxx -passwd xxxx  -accessvariables standard_prompt=#:standard_timeout=30:pollread=true:disable_context=true:skip_ctrl_u=true

its required to reload the rcx options  and restarting management engine.

[root@ult01vm0350 jre]# /etc/init.d/truecontrol restart