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Business Process Testing in UFT (BPT-UFT) - Catalog Id: 922


Business Process Testing in UFT

Relevant for: Business process tests and flows

Business Process Testing provides you with a customizable, component-based testing framework that supports:

Component reuse and modularization

Component reuse and modularization keep costs low by speeding up test creation, maintenance, and execution.

Creation of tests for both simple and complex applications

An application under test can be a simple, HTML-based web application or a complex business process involving packaged applications and back-end services and databases.

Collaboration between various personas

The testing framework is flexible enough to meet the needs of various personas, such as manual testers, automation engineers, and subject matters experts.

Business Process Testing helps you document your components and tests, including screenshots illustrating how they should be used, and so on. This makes it possible for people with different roles and skill sets to share others assets.

Management of parts of a testManaging parts of a test includes component documentation, test run results, version control, reporting, and history. Additionally, using ALM, you can generate documents containing information about the tests, flow, and components in a given project.

When working with Business Process Testing, you can use both business process tests and business process flows to organize your testing.

Each business process test or flow consists of business components (including keyword GUI components, scripted GUI components, or manual components), which are added and ordered (or grouped) together. When UFT runs a business process test, it runs each of the components and their steps in sequence. You can also include a business process flow inside a business process test.

While tests and flows are fundamentally the same as they both contain a specified order of business components, there are differences:

  • A business process test is a scenario comprising a sequence of business components or flows, designed to test a specific scenario in an application.
  • A flow is a type of test that comprises a logical set of business components, in a fixed sequence, that performs a specific task. Flows share the same functionality as business process tests (for example, iterations, parameters, and results). When designing flows, they can be considered as "compound components."

    In addition, flows cannot contain other flows.

    You can use a flow in multiple business process tests. When you modify a flow or any of its components, all business process tests containing that flow reflect that modification.

Note: Business Process Testing is available with ALM Edition and Quality Center Enterprise Edition. For more information about the HP Business Process Testing editions and their functionality, see the HP Application Lifecycle Management User Guide. To find out what edition of HP Business Process Testing you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.



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