Integration [921] - Creating a business components directly from Sprinter (BPT-Sprinter)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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Creating a business components directly from Sprinter (BPT-Sprinter) - Catalog Id: 921


Using UFT, you can create a business component directly from a Sprinter XML data file. For example: 

File > Add > Business Component from Sprinter Automated Test Data File

For documentation, see "Customer Visible Documentation."



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Business Process Testing

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Create a new business component

  1. Select the following:

    • File > Add > Business Component from Sprinter Automated Test Data File

    In the New Business Component Dialog Box, select a folder in the Business Components module in ALM in which to store your component and give your component a name.

  2. In the Application Area field, click the Browse button to select a suitable application area from within theALM Test Resources module. After choosing your application area, click OK.

  3. If you are creating a business component from a Sprinter automated test data file, specify the location (on the file system) of the test data file.

  4. A new business components opens in the Keyword View (for keyword components) or in the Editor (for scripted components).

    Although the component does not yet contain content, it does contain all of the required settings and resources that were defined in the application area on which it is based. You can view these settings in read-only format by choosing File > Settings. If you later need to change these settings, you can do so in the associated application area.

Support Matrix

Business Process Testing
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