How to add more than four graphs per Dashboard page.

  • KM02565103
  • 26-Sep-2016
  • 26-Sep-2016


The article provides a work around for a limitation in ALM's Dashboard page.


For all currently available versions of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM): QC10, ALM 11.XX, ALM 12.XX , in Dashboard View , each Dashboard page is limited to only four graphs.

When the limit is reached if an user tries to add another graph a message appears:

The page can contain up to 4 graphs. To add a graph, you must remove an

existing graph.


The limitation can be overcome by adding a new parameter in Site Administration - Site Configuration


Parameter Value: <Maximum number of possible graphs per page>


Description and possible values for the parameter:




This parameter specifies the limitation of number of items per dash board page. This parameter is used when other limit than the default is needed.


DefaultValue 4

MinValue 1

MaxValue 9223372036854775807




Note: this limit is set by default because of performance considerations - incising the maximum number of graphs per Dashboard page can deteriorate server's performance. Use with caution and in case of performance problem decrease the limit.