How to create complete memory dump for windows machine

  • KM02563177
  • 25-Sep-2016
  • 25-Sep-2016

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Sometimes when application crashed there is a need to create complete memory dump for windows operating system in order to determine the cause for application failure.


1. Go to Start > Control Panel
2. Open System and click on Advanced System Settings
3. Click on the Advanced tab and then press the Settings button from Startup and Recovery
4. Please select Complete Memory Dump from the 'Write debugging information' drop-down list
5. Make sure that the 'Automatically restart' option is checked
6. Make sure that the 'Overwrite any existing file' option is checked
7. Click the OK button twice to save the changes made;
8. You must restart the computer for the change to take effect.
Note: If the 'Complete memory dump' option is missing from the drop menu follow the steps below to enable it:
1. Open the registry editor (Start > Run > Regedit.exe )
2. Expand the left-hand tree and select the following key:
3. In the right-hand panel double-click the data value CrashDumpEnabled to edit it
4. Change the value to '1'
5. Click 'OK'.
6. Restart the computer.
The ‘Complete memory dump’ option is now enabled and can be selected from the System Properties menu as described above