How to check connectivity between components in over a firewall environment

  • KM02561654
  • 22-Sep-2016
  • 22-Sep-2016


In over a fiewall environment there is necessary to check the connectivity between Controller, LG and MI Listener.


If you encounter connectivity problems after installing and configuring all the necessary components, check the topics below for troubleshooting tips.


Follow these steps:

1. Go to the LG machine and change the Agent to run as a process and check the status, if it is fine revert the changes to service.

2. Do a telnet from the LG machine to the MI Listener, example: telnet <MI_LISTER_IP> 443

3.  if the port is not open, contact the IT administrator for help.

4. Check the Agent settings

a. Go to Performance Center Agent Configuration from the Advanced Settings

b. Enabled Firewall Agent

c. Make sure that the Local Machine key, password and MI Listener machine IP is the right one

4. Check that the port 50500 is open from the Controller to the MI Listener

Note: Controller and MI Listener machines shoudl be on the same domain