Failed to download citrix script to controller while running a test

  • KM02548018
  • 06-Sep-2016
  • 06-Sep-2016


A citrix script is not being downloaded to the controller while running a test in Performance Center


Run test failed.Reason: Failed to download script to controller


The name of .png files on the script folder exceed the 152 characters allowed, you can see the following error messages from the logs:

2016-07-19 10:30:13,522 [1424] [6] ERROR HP.PC.FileUtils.ZipHelper - Failed to extract Test\5\5\5\
DFsU2RUaFdTVlZCVFdaU1ZsUmlkejAtL2ltYWdl.png; Paths of files within the zipped Vugen script should
not exceed 152 characters. [Context:
53a6b122-55e2-4035-96b3-2265090d5180] [FullContext: QCServer:http://qcserver:8080/qcbin
UserName:admin Domain:DEFAULT Project:test QCRunId:5 TimeslotId:1018]



Rename the .png files to a short name and then you will be able to run the test