Integration [882] - Monitor storage devices, switches, and hosts in a SAN environment (SOM - OMi)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Monitor storage devices, switches, and hosts in a SAN environment (SOM - OMi) - Catalog Id: 882


Operations Manager i (OMi) provides comprehensive event management, proactive performance monitoring, and automated alerts, reports, and graphs to manage operating systems, middleware, and application infrastructure. OMi consolidates events from a wide range of sources into a single view.

The Storage Operations Manager (SOM)-OMi integration provides event consolidation in the OMi active messages browser, so that OMi users can detect and investigate potential problems in the storage infrastructure.

The OMi systems management uses Universal CMDB (UCMDB) to build a Runtime Service Module (RTSM) of the server infrastructure elements. It thereby captures the correlations between the application and server layers. RTSM allows you to define Configurations Items (CIs) that are stored in UCMDB. Each infrastructure element is represented by a CI in RTSM. A CI is a database representation and can be a line of business, business process, application, server hardware, or a service. CIs can be populated by any management system and are identified by business keys.

SOM manages the dependencies between the server and storage layers. The server layer is common to both the management systems. SOM populates the CIs in UCMDB just as OMi populates the same CIs in UCMDB. The UCMDB content packs populate and reconcile these CIs using business keys. Therefore, it gives OMi the end-to-end picture from the application to the storage dependency level in a data center.

RTSM allows you to build correlation rules to analyze the impact of events. Event attributes allow OMi to build workflows that highlight the criticality of events. Multiple related correlations help bring out the true value of integrating with OMi.



Leading Product:
Storage Operations Manager

Secondary Product:
Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)



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Operations Bridge Manager (OMi)
Storage Operations Manager
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