ALM 12.53 allows only on client deploy for all nodes of the same version

  • KM02526501
  • 19-Aug-2016
  • 19-Aug-2016


ALM 12.53 client is now deployed by version and not by Server name.


There is not need to have multiples urls included in the MSI generator, the Client deployment was improved in ALM 12.53 and it allows to have only one deploy per version , there is not dependency on Server’s name.


There is a new deployment production methodology.  The deployment validation is not by server name which reduce the effort to include nodes urls in the MSI generator,  in ALM 12.53 the client deployment it is by ALM version.

The client instead of looking for the server name, it will start looking for the ALM version, so the components will use the build number as validation and this will reduce the amount of client components downloaded from different nodes or servers.

ALM1253 client deployment