Integration [901] - Ticketing SX Adapter for Atlassian JIRA

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  • 11-Jun-2018
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Ticketing SX Adapter for Atlassian JIRA - Catalog Id: 901


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HP Propel integrates with JIRA to accomplish Ticket Management use cases. The following Ticket Management features are provided in HP Propel version 2.01:

  • Browse & Search Tickets
  • Create Ticket & Get Ticket Detail Information
  • Add Comment / Attachment
  • Close Ticket

JIRA Integration

HP Propel integrates with JIRA to accomplish Ticket Management use cases. The user can create and manage tickets against JIRA from the HP Propel Portal. When the user creates a ticket against JIRA in the HP Propel Portal, an issue in JIRA is automatically created. HP Propel uses JIRA APIs for integration. All Ticket Management operations (list, browse, add comment or attachment, and so on) result in the corresponding action being invoked on the JIRA side.

The user can set ticket properties (for example, title and description) and JIRA-specific properties when creating the ticket. Lifecycle and issue attributes can differ with each JIRA project. To accommodate this, HP Propel provides users with the ability to modify the default reference content to address their business needs.

The user can list and browse tickets they created, as well as tickets that someone else created for them. The user can view ticket details, add comments or attachments, and close tickets.
All API invocations and attributes are defined in the JIRA content pack, and can be changed according to business requirements. Please see the HP Propel Service Exchange SDK documentation for details on customizing the JIRA adapter.

The following picture describes the high-level architecture of the JIRA integration from the Ticket Management perspective.




Atlassian Jira

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Service Exchange


Downloadable Adapter Material

Supported Versions

Release Content

The following JIRA content is included in HP Propel 2.01:

  • sx-adapter-jira-2.01.jar
    • JIRA Adapter
  • content-jira-2.01.jar
    • Content pack

Supported Versions
HP Propel and JIRA integration has been certified for HP Propel 2.01 and JIRA v6.3.6, but is also expected to work with HP Propel 1.11.

Support Matrix

Atlassian Jira
Propel Service Exchange
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