Installing and configuring Elasticsearch server

  • KM02494295
  • 26-Jul-2016
  • 15-Oct-2019


Elasticsearch is a required component of ALM Octane. This document is provided as a service on how to install and configure Elasticsearch on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux / Centos or Windows platforms.


This article explains the steps to install and configure Elasticsearch – the required component of the ALM Octane solution.


If you want to upgrade an existing Elasticsearch from 2.4 to 5.6, please refer to KM03207448.





Installation and configuration of Elasticsearch 2.4 


Installation and configuration of Elasticsearch 5.6



  1. For information regarding installing Elasticsearch 6.8 please refer to Elastic documentation.
  2. See the ALM Octane Installation Guide for guidelines on configuring ALM Octane to work with your Elasticsearch server. You can find it in the ALM Octane Help Center in the Install and Configure section. 
  3. Add the following line to the elasticsearch.yml files in each of your Elasticsearch cluster nodes: 
    action.auto_create_index: "-mqm_*,*"
    Note that if you already have an action.auto_create_index line in the yml file, only add the -mqm_* phrase to the beginning of its specified value.