Error -205177: Component returned failure code: 0x80520011 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NAME_TOO_LONG)

  • KM02484159
  • 15-Jul-2016
  • 15-Jul-2016


While runing scenario in PC12.50 after some minutes it throws the error


Error -205177: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520011 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NAME_TOO_LONG) [nsILocalFile.create]"  nsresult: "0x80520011 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NAME_TOO_LONG)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://truclientrre/content/infra/FileIO.js :: window.TC_NS.FileIO.createFolder :: line 201"  data: no]
While calling handlers in TC_NS.RuleEngine dispatch, event=[TC_NS.Event type="TC.generateReplaySnapshot" target="[object Object]"], handler=
function (e) {
  var event = TC_NS.Event.dispatch("TC.getReplaySnapshotProtocolPath",{},{},TC_NS.Event.DISPATCH_SYNC);
  var path = event.value + e.runLogicBlock;
  if (e.runLogicBlock === "Run Block") {
   path += dirSeparator + ("Iteration" + e.iterNum);
  path += dirSeparator + e.step.containerSection + dirSeparator + e.instanceNum;
  path = path.concat(dirSeparator, e.step.fullIndex, "-", e.step.stepId.replace(":", "-"), e.isError ? "-error.png" : ".png");
  var obj = e.step.realStep.obj;
  var data = TC_NS.Utils.generateSnapshot(!e.isError && obj && !obj.hasRole("browser") ? obj.object : null, e.drawWatermark).toDataURL();
  TC_NS.FileIO.writeConvert(path, data ,function(){
   if (e.isError){
    TC_NS.Event.dispatch("step/errorSnapshot", e.step, {path: path, errorBlock:e.runLogicBlock, iterNum:e.iterNum});
  TC_NS.Event.dispatch("step/snapshotGenerated", e.step, {snapshotPath: path,isError: e.isError});
 }       Snapshot Info [MSH 5 0]    [MsgId: MERR-205177] [MsgId: MERR-205177]
t=00386855ms: Error -205177: ** 14: Wait for focusable (2) ** failed - target object was not found.


When the temp folder is configured to C:\Windows\Temp Performance Center avoids writing under it and instead it writes temporary data (snapshots, logs, etc...) under an alternative path which is usually relatively long. When trying to write the snapshot under that alternative temp path it breaches Windows limitation of 256 characters for path hence fails to create the file. When changing the temp directory not to be written under Windows folder and ensuring the path is short snapshots are properly created.


Modify the temporary directory for the System user from C:\Windows\Temp to C:\Temp or some other short path not located under Windows directory and restart the host.