Analisys sitescope graph shows data only from the last 30 minutes of the test

  • KM02473563
  • 11-Jul-2016
  • 11-Jul-2016


Analisys SiteScope graph shows data only from the last 30 minutes of the test. A fix is provided for Performance Center versions 12.50, 12.53 and 12.53 patch 1.


After running a long test in Performance Center 12.50 and 12.53 in Analyzed results the SiteScope graph shows only the last 30 minutes of the test.

If the raw results are analyzed locally in Analysis the complete data from the graph is shown if the following options are used:

  1. Analysis -> Options -> Database -> SQLite is selected.
  2. Analysis -> Options -> General -> Use Absolute time by default should be unselected.




A fix is available for: 

  1. Performance Center 12.50 - 12.50 and
  2. Performance Center 12.53 and 12.53 patch 1 -

To apply the fix please follow the steps below:  
  1. Please download the fix for the correct version of Performance Center you have.
  2. Go to <PC host or DataProcessor installation folder>\bin
  3. Make a back up copy of the original Analysis.loader.dll
  4. Extract the Analysis.loader.dll from the fix and put it in the bin folder(replacing the original one)