How to retrieve the default value of the business test parameter?

  • KM02461274
  • 30-Jun-2016
  • 01-Jul-2016


The provided function is example how to retrieve the default value of the business test parameter.


Below function is used for retrieving the default value of parameter in business process test when QuickTest External Execution Engine (QEEE) is on : 
Public function getDefaultValue(byval parameter_name)
    set oQTP = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
    set oBusinessComponent=oQTP.BusinessComponent
    set business_component_parameters=oQTP.Test.Actions.Item(""&business_component_name&" ["&business_component_name&"]").ActionParameterDefinitions
    For m=1 to business_component_parameters.Count
             If parameter_name=business_component_parameters.Item(m).Name Then
                    set oQTP=nothing
                    exit Function
            End If
    set oQTP=nothing
End Function
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