Common ISSPI installation problems

  • KM02441673
  • 24-Jun-2016
  • 24-Jun-2016


This ISSPI support note consolidates information about the 7 most common ISSPI 11.1x installation problems: 1. Install fails with error “-spiconfig option should not be specified with patch media” 2. The installer does not install packages as specified in the spiconfig file 3. Install fails silently on OMW (OVCSL_USER_TMP issue) 4. Install fails on OMW 8.16 if it was updated from OMW 8.10 5. Install is very slow or appears to hang on OMW (vbs signature issue) 6. Install fails silently on OML 9.10 / RHEL 6.x (/usr/bin/ksh issue) 7. (De-)Install fails inconsistently on OMW (corrupt install) Read the Foreword section for recommendations on how to use this document, and the Preliminary Information section for general information on the ISSPI release vehicles and installation process.