SiteScope is unable to connect to Windows using WMI

  • KM02310217
  • 10-May-2016
  • 10-May-2016


Remote server connection using WMI with Sitescope


Site Scope 11.32 tries to connect to some windows 2012,2003 and 2008 using WMI. No firewall is blocking and WMI and RPC related services are running on all the windows servers.
The following error appears when trying to connect “Site Scope was unable to connect to the remote server. Reason:Error code: 0x800706ba, Message: The RPC server is unavailable.


try to use the WBEMTEST tool.
Check remote WMI connectivity with WBEMTEST :
If you are not able to connect here, it looks now recommended to involve OS team to help explain why Windows tool is failing in making the remote connection.