ALM Groups>Users Audit utility

  • KM02225326
  • 07-Apr-2016
  • 04-May-2021


It may be necessary to audit which users are in which groups in an ALM project


It may be necessary to audit which users are in which groups in an ALM project.

It may also require that this be done for all Domains>Projects


It may be necessary to understand which users are in which project(s) and in which group(s)

The ALM Groups>Users Audit tool outputs user membership by group for an individual project or for all projects.

The output is to XML which offers greater functionality and portability.

The utility is attached: ALM Groups

Before using be sure to read the documentation: ALM Groups Documentation B.pdf

The XML format output  can be imported to Excel where it is possible to filter on Domain, Project, Group, and User.

Note: This utility uses standard ALM login and API login types. See: API Key Overview

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