How to add lookup files in Logger

  • KM02211394
  • 30-Mar-2016
  • 06-May-2016


Managing lookup files with appropriate role


Adding Lookup files


By design regular (non-privileged) users cannot add lookup files in the logger. To add a lookup file it is necessary to be a member of the System Admin - Default System Admin Group.

Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to System Admin > User Management > Users/Groups.
2. Add a new group and name it Lookup_Group and put a brief description.
3. In Group Type select System Admin
4. Expand the System Admin Rights option.
5. Click on Clear All and only select the box View Audit Logs. Make sure it is the only permission selected. Save and Close.
6. Add a new user and name it Lookup_User and assing it to the following groups:
    System Admin: Lookup_Group
    Logger Rights:  Default Logger Rights Group
    Logger Report:  Default Logger Report Group
    Logger Search: Default Logger Search Group
7. Save and Close.
8. Log in with the Lookup_User account and navigate to Configuration > select Lookup Files.
9. Add the Lookup file.