Monitoring Windows Server 2012 clusters in Sitescope

  • KM02192113
  • 17-Mar-2016
  • 17-Mar-2016




It is possible to do this with SiteScope using a Script monitor that points to a .bat script which calls a powershell script that invokes Get-ClusterSharedVolume on a remote host.

You will need a few scripts, and you need Remote Powershell enabled.

The Powershell script can output the free disk space, using the information available inside the objects returned by Get-ClusterSharedVolume.

The wrapper script that SiteScope calls can utilize Remote Powershell, so you don't have to copy and maintain the script on all of your Hyper-V servers.  It will connect to a host and execute the local script against the remote host.


The script monitor itself can call the wrapper script with arguments like:

e.g. remote_powershell.bat "/" "/P:d:\SiteScope\scripts\csv_freespace.ps1"

You can read more about using PowerShell to monitor CSVs here :

Attached is an example script to get started.