Increase logger throughput

  • KM02174570
  • 07-Mar-2016
  • 07-Mar-2016

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


< !--Obsolete--> Michaela: author never responded back with updates on this new article hence retiring as not all necessary information was included Use when event batch size is too big


To increase logger throughput when event batch size is too big:

i. Navigate to /opt/arcsight/logger/current/arcsight/logger/bin/scripts

ii. Make a backup of file ( cp

iii. Edit
- Find the line beginning “ARCSIGHT_JVM_OPTIONS”, and edit the –Xmx4096m and replace it with –Xmx8144

iv. Navigate to /opt/arcsight/logger/ userdata/logger/user/logger/

v. Edit
- Add rawevent.reader.capacity=8 (if the value is already there, edit it to equal 8)

vi. Stop Logger Service (logger_server) and after successfully stop, start again Logger Service.