SrvAcc 09.00.024 OMW_00203 patch breaks down Performance Manager 9.0x

  • KM02170036
  • 04-Mar-2016
  • 04-Mar-2016


OMW's OMW_00203 patch breaks down PM 9.0x coexisting with OMW


Applying SrvAcc 09.00.024 OMW_00203 patch on Operations Manager for Windows (OMW) 9 breaks down Performance Manager (PM) 9.0x coexisting with OMW.

PM 9.0x web page is blank:


There is a syntax error in Tomcat's stderr.log file:

AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext loadOnStartup
SEVERE: Servlet [MessageBrokerServlet] in web application [/OVPM] threw load() exception
javax.servlet.UnavailableException: XPathFactory#newInstance() failed to create an XPathFactory for the default object model: with the XPathFactoryConfigurationException: javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactoryConfigurationException: java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory: jar:file:/D:/Program%20Files/HP/HP%20BTO%20Software/www/webapps/OVPM/WEB-INF/lib/saxon9he.jar!/META-INF/services/javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory:2: Illegal configuration-file syntax


SrvAcc 09.00.024 OMW_00203 patch delivers updated HPOvJREB component

HPOvJREB           1.8.60 (HP SoftWare JRE -V1.8.0_60- Package Version 01.08.060)

and it is only supported with PM 9.21.


Upgrade PM 9.0x up to version 9.20 and apply PM 9.21 HPPM9W_00005 patch.