What is the content of the e-mails sent by the BSM Notification mechanism ?

  • KM02140127
  • 17-Feb-2016
  • 17-Feb-2016


details about the BSM Notification system


OMi/BSM version 9.2x. 


Notification rules have been created via ("Admin->Operations Management->Event Automation->Notifications") to send e-mails to several recipients.


Issue : how can one know which e-mails the Notification mechanism actually has sent ?


Which logs can be looked or put in debug just to obtain this information ?


This information is needed to document what actually has been sent as e-mail to the recipient by the BSM system.



The notification-service.log file under the HPBSM\log\EJBContainer at the DPS should contain the information required.

Set the logging to debug (HPBSM\conf\core\Tools\log4j\EJB\notification-service.properties) in order to see the actual details of the notification being sent out.  For example:


 [JMS Session Delivery Thread - om-gbl-46_mercury_as_NOTIFICATION_SERVICE_SERVER$SESSION$18:-1193470707460210688] (ServerNotificationHandler.java:46) DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: Message object: customerID [1], context [context name [EventNotificationContext], start time [1394199153478], time to live [6000000]], messages [[recipient messages [[recipient [BSMRecipientImpl{m_id=3, m_name='xxxxx', m_customerID=1, m_timeZone='xxxx', m_notifications=[BSMNotificationImpl{m_type=EMAIL, m_value='xxxx@yyy.com;'}]}], notification types [[EMAIL]]]], notifications [{SMS=body [Test Note], PAGER=body [Test], EMAIL=body [Test

event.custom.AlertTriggerTime ], subject [CRITICAL: Problem occured on ], content type [text/plain]}]]]

[pool-notificationServiceSenderThreadPool-thread-2] (NotificationSendingTaskImpl.java:42) DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: type [EMAIL], addresses [[xxx@yyy.com]] - starts task of sending a notification.

 [pool-notificationServiceSenderThreadPool-thread-2] (NotificationSendingTaskImpl.java:54) DEBUG - Customer [1], context [EventNotificationContext]: type [EMAIL], addresses [[xxx@yyy.com]] - notification was sent successfully.