How to configure LeanFT to connect HPMC(Mobile Center server)

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  • 05-Feb-2016
  • 08-Feb-2016


Instructions to connect LeanFT and HPMC


LeanFT and HPMC integration


  1. Make sure LeanFT, HPMC and VS(Visual Studio) compatibility versions.
  2. Make sure HPMC is up.
  3. VS should be installed before LeanFT in order to UFT installs LeanFT Plugin for VS otherwise UFT should be modified to install LeanFT Plugin into VS.
  4. LFTRuntime.exe.config file should be configured with appropriate login credentials.

         a. LFTRuntime.exe.config file, it is located in "\HP\Unified Functional Testing\bin" or you can open the file through tray bar once you have started it.

         b. It can be modified manually <mobileLab Address="http://hostname/ipAddress:8080" UserName="" EncryptedPassword="<AQAAANCM...>" UseProxy="NoProxy" ShowRemoteAccessWindowOnRun="true"/>

image text

  1. Restart LeanFT Runtime Engine.
  2. If you are connecting over HTTPS, https://<Mobile Center server IP address>:8443, the port should be 8443.

If the configuration is correct you will see the HPMC icon in VS toolbar like below image.

image text

Note: LeanFT can be installed through UFT or standalone, its installation file is in "UFT1251_DVD\LeanFT\EN\setup.exe"

To install LeanFT and UFT on the same computer, select LeanFT from the Custom Setup screen in the UFT