BSM Modeling Studio Query returns message "Query doesn`t exist"

  • KM02062192
  • 19-Jan-2016
  • 26-Jan-2016


BSM Modeling Studio Query doesn`t exist


The problem is caused due to deleted TQL / Patterns or invalid link between the TQL - Pattern.

Another cause for the problem is a space (' ') at the end of the name of the TQL / Pattern.


In order to resolve the problem , you will need access to the BSM databases and the DPS RTSM JMX console.

1.Go to BSM DPS - log\odb\odb\ - and from error.log  take the problematic TQL name.
The following messages should be logged :
( ERROR - Request for not exist pattern ****
( ERROR - Failed to process request 'com.hp.ucmdb.api.client.topology.GetQueryDefinition' from Session{sessionId='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', username='UISysadmin', customerId=1, id name: Default Client, clientAddr='', lastUsedInMillis=xxxxxxxxxxxx}
com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.tql.exception.TqlException: [ErrorCode [55034] TQL doesn't exist]
Pattern [xyz] doesn't exist

You can verify the patterns are valid, if you go to Service Health and select a view with that pattern name.

2. Go to the BSM RTSM database (not RTSM_History) -> go to table TQL_QUERY_1 table
=> For each TQL name (from step1) provided take their ID from the CMDB_ID column.
Write them down for each one, as this ID will be used in the next steps.

3. Go to the BSM RTSM jmx console – http://dps-server:21212/jmx-console
Go to service= Model Services
Execute   removeCMDBObject function to remove the TQL by providing its ID.
!!Ensure you delete any Enrichment Rules related to the TQL before deleting the TQL.!!

Additionally you can run retrieveObjectProperties to check that this is the TQL that it  should be deleted.

4. Now the TQL should have been deleted. Verify it is deleted in RTSM DB , table TQ_QUERY_1.
5. In the BSM RTSM JMX console :
   Go to service=Folders Services and run the following functinos :
                             - connectOrphansFoldersToRoot
                             - connectOrphansResourcesToRoot
6.Restart BSM GW and DPS.
7.Now Modeling Studio should be accessible.