Sprinter Crash while exporting test to Unified Fucntional Testing (UFT)

  • KM02054210
  • 13-Jan-2016
  • 13-Jan-2016


Sprinter crash trying to export a test to UFT


There is a scenario where Sprinter can crash exporting test to UFT

Also the same scenario cause that message "Power Mode execution error" appears when starting a test with Power Mode Enabled.


This is caused by the file MobOcrHelper.dll present in bin folder <SprinterInstallationDir>\bin\MobOcrHelper.dll


In order to fix this problem follow these steps:

1. Access the machine with a full administrator rights user.
2. Perform a clean uninstall of Sprinter. For additional information check Document ID KM00206072 Sprinter Clean uninstall/reinstall
3. Install Sprinter again
4. Confirm that MobOcrHelper.dll is not present in bin folder