Receiving error message when using Command Line Interface in current Storage Essentials server.

  • KM01925404
  • 06-Nov-2015
  • 06-Nov-2015

This document has not been formally reviewed for accuracy and is provided "as is" for your convenience.


This article is focused to prevent and explain possible error if Command Line Interface has been used from the current Storage Essentials management server.


In case Command Line Interface (CLI) commands in scripts are used to manage storage on Storage Essentials (SE) managment server receiving following error message:

%MGR_DIST%\CLI\bin\bin\bin>appiqlist -fabric -all –host JCEKS not found
        at Source)
        at com.appiq.cli.AppIQCLI.getAPIConnection(
        at com.appiq.cli.AppIQCLI.main(
Caused by: JCEKS KeyStore not available
        at Source)
        at Source)


CLI needs to be run only from a remote server.
Do not use the CLI that is installed with the management server.
The CLI on the management server is intended only for internal use by the software.

Proper command to connect to the SE managment server is:

C:\APPQ\CLI\bin\cli.bat -set -appiqcli -username <user> -password <password> -server <FQDN_Server_name>

when login is successful the output is:

CLI configuration is set; ready to issue commands.