How to configure the TEMP folder used by the Load Generator during a test run

  • KM01891676
  • 15-Oct-2015
  • 31-Jan-2016


This article explains how to manually change the default TEMP folder used by the Load Generator to keep the data during a test execution.


The TEMP folder is used by the Load Generator to store the performance test data during a run. This folder is pre-defined and is based on the Load Generator installation folder.
This article explains how to change the location of the TEMP folder used by the Load Generator during a test run.

Changing the location of the folder can be useful when:

  • The TEMP folder also contains the script. Depending on the machine and the script, this path can get very long and exceed the 256 characters limitation set by Windows.
  • Using a different folder/drive instead of the default one.

Important Note:
The ability to change the TEMP folder location is not applicable if your Load Generator is configured over firewall (whether the firewall is enabled or disabled).
This article applies only to the following versions:
  - Performance Center 12.01 updated with patch 3 and any superseding patch.
  - Performance Center 12.20 updated with patch 2 and any superseding patch.
  - Performance Center 12.50 updated with patch 1 and any superseding patch/major version.Changing default TEMP folder location should not be used in "over firewall" Load Generators.



Before changing the TEMP folder used by the Load Generator, note the following:
The change will actually be made on the Performance Center Host that is serving as a Controller. Therefore, such change would only apply to the Load Generators using this Controller.
If you are using the same Load Generators with a new Controller, you will need to reapply this fix on the new Controller.
Steps for changing the TEMP folder:

  1. Log in to the Performance Center Host machine.
  2. Verify that the Wlrun.exe process is down.
  3. Open <installation folder>\config\Wlrun7.ini in a text editor.
  4. Add the line "UserRemoteTmpDir=<Custom temp location>" under the '[Host]' section
  5. Save the changes.