Integration [830] - AppPulse Mobile and Mobile Center coexistence (MC - AppPulse Mobile)

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  • 11-Jun-2018
  • 11-Jun-2018


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AppPulse Mobile and Mobile Center coexistence (MC - AppPulse Mobile) - Catalog Id: 830


Get the complete picture of the quality of your app, by extending your testing out of the lab to real users. Monitor all aspects of your mobile app's user experience with actionable metrics on UI performance, stability, and more.




AppPulse Mobile lets you know how your users really experience your app.  Easily monitor your app's true user experience, learn usage patterns, and track abandonment. Analzye user actions across all operating systems and devices, so that you choose the right devices on which to test your app. By identifying the problems that affect most users or critical functionality, your developers can focus on solving issues quickly and on improving customer experience.

You can now integrate Mobile Center with AppPulse Mobile so that usage information and the Fundex data of your app is visible in Mobile Center. 



Leading Product:
Mobile Center

Secondary Product:
AppPulse Mobile



For more information see the HPE Mobile Center Help.


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AppPulse Mobile
Mobile Center
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