How to copy specific data from one SiteScope configuration to another through active BSM integration

  • KM01861488
  • 25-Sep-2015
  • 28-Oct-2015


This document explains how to migrate parts from one SiteScope environment to another one using BSM BAC SAM.


The methods to achieve this are described below (Note: for 3rd method you will need an active BSM integration is required):  - Original topic

1. Recreate monitors/groups.

2. Integrate with BSM, create 2 profiles and start copying from one to another

3. Create templates from the group of monitors and import them to the new SiteScope Installation, deploy.


Method 3: explanation how to perform the copy of monitors from one SiteScope to another.

This is done via

BSM >> Admin >> System Availability Management >> original SiteScope GUI >> right click on Monitor/group >> SAM” Actions >> Copy.

Then in destination SiteScope do the same >> Paste:

Notice that monitors that use external files like DB drivers, Web Logic JMX client jar file, etc. will need to have these files copied to the destination SiteScope file system before copying.
Otherwise it will fail (It is like creating the monitor manually in destination SiteScope).