What is TruClient Object Descriptors and how to use it in case of “Object Not found” error.

  • KM01844974
  • 11-Sep-2015
  • 11-Sep-2015


A reference is provided to a document containing instructions how to use TruClient Object Descriptors


“Object Not found” error is a common problem which indicates that TruClient protocol fails to identify an application object.

Is there another approach that can be used when the automatic, XPATH and JavaScript object identification methods fail?


TruClient Object Descriptors  is a new feature (available from version 12.02) that might solve issues when TruClient fails to identify an application object.

Descriptors are addition TruClient object identification methods  which describe the object in a more intuitive and visual way.

Please find a detailed instructions how to use this feature in the following article:
A closer look at TruClient Object Descriptors