ALM Users Export/Import Utility

  • KM01814099
  • 01-Sep-2015
  • 19-Dec-2019


A utility to export users from one instance/version of ALM to another instance/version of ALM


When deploying ALM using a new Site Administration database/schema user details are not imported when restoring a project


The ALM Users Export/Import provides the functionality to Export users from one instance or version or ALM and Import them to a different instance or version of ALM. User IDs are transferred as well as user details including Full Name, Description, Email, and phone numbers.

The best fit for this utility is when LDAP authentication is used. The Users Domain Authentication is exported and imported along with other user details avoiding the need to re-import users from LDAP.
Because user password are not stored in ALM this is not an issue.

This utility can export many thousand users in seconds. Import of several thousand users is slower and may take several minutes.

There are two authentication types used in ALM, “Application Lifecycle Management” and “LDAP”
In respect to the “Application Lifecycle Management” authentication type, the designed security in the Site Administration API it is not possible to export user passwords. Therefore users will not have their passwords exported. When importing user passwords will be blank.

Refer to the utility documentation here: Export-Import ALM Users.pdf

Download the ALM Users Export/Import here:

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