Expired Catalyst and StoreOnce Software Media removal

  • KM01788708
  • 19-Aug-2015
  • 16-Mar-2021


Procedure and how things work


Data Protector runs daily maintenance to purge Expired Media from the Data Protector Internal Database and the Catalyst store.  By default the time this maintenance runs is 12:00 NOON.  The schedule for this can be changed by editing the GLOBAL file and modifying # DailyMaintenanceTime=HH:MM
  # default:  12:00  (HH:MM)
  # This option is used for starting  daily maintenance  tasks  at
  # first omnitrig run after the specified time  each  day.  Valid
  # values are  hour:minute,  using  the  twenty-four  hour  clock
  # notation.
Additionally the frequency of the purge can be adjusted as well by editing the GLOBAL file and modifying
  # default: 1
  # limit: 1 <= DeleteUnprotectedMediaFreq <= 24
  # This  period is  used  to  run  unprotected media deletion operation.
  # If set to 1,  operation  is performed once per day (00:00),
  # set to 2 two times per day (00:00,12:00), set to 3 three times
  # per day (00:00, 08:00, 16:00),  set to 4 four  times  per  day
  # (00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00).  If maximum (24)  is  specified,
  # operation will be started every hour.
This same task can also by run manually at any time using either the command line interface:
   omnimm -delete_unprotected_media [Library | -all] [-force]
or can be executed from the Data Protector GUI:
Devices & Media -> Right Click on Device -> Delete Unprotected Media
By default media that has expired in the last 24 hours will not get purged.  This behavior can be changed by editing the GLOBAL file and adding / editing
# DeleteUnprotectedMediaMinimumAge