Oracle DB session was suspended due to out of space in the BSM_OMI tablespace

  • KM01785412
  • 17-Aug-2015
  • 17-Aug-2015


OMi and Oracle Database deployment


Sometimes , an Oracle  DB session gets in suspended state due to out of space in the BSM_OMI tablespace.

This is known as “Resumable Space Allocation”.


1.     What can cause a DB session to get into suspended state?

2.     Are there any best practices for configuring the DB and the BSM_OMI tablespaces in such cases?

3.     In which logfile should I find related information about the problem?


1.)    OMi does not enable session suspension which means in that case the session suspension is configured system wide in oracle. There are no special transactions which would cause the DB to suspend any session in OMi.
2.)    The problem with session suspension is that there will be no information in the log files as the transaction is suspended. However, messages like “connection has been borrowed for more than XXXXXXXms” in opr-backend log file. As for most transactions in OMi the timeout is set to 5 minutes, session suspension does not cause timeouts.
3.)    It is not possible to detect the suspension directly in the log file as the DB does not return any error until the suspension timeout has been reached. However, there should be connection borrow timeouts.