How to call a Document Engine Process via RAD application

  • KM01758907
  • 28-Jul-2015
  • 28-Jul-2015


This document explains how to call a process via RAD application, for example, from a Format Control / Display Options etc.


This topic will be explained with an example.


Call a process from a Display Option, the reason is to open the "Create a Task" wizard in a separate tab in the Web Client. This Display option executes the action: opentaskwizard which call the process:

All processes have an option called: "Run in Window?" which will display the process in a separate window but only in the Windows Client not in the web client. The workaround for this would be to execute a RAD application directly from the Display Option and check the option under Rad tab called: Separate Thread? The RAD application is:


How to do that:

1. Look for the change.view_opentaskwizard display option and do the following changes:


- Unique ID: change.view_opentaskwizardtest

- Action: do nothing

- GUI option: 3033


Under Rad tab

- RAD application:

- Separate Thread?: true

- Names: file


- Values: $L.file



2. Save the changes.