How to enable SSL for Controller-Load generator communication in LoadRunner 12.x

  • KM01755477
  • 27-Jul-2015
  • 27-Jul-2015


A reference is provided to a document containing tips.


HP LoadRunner is a distributed system consisting of a number of different components, such as Controller, Load Generators, MI Listener and Monitor Over Firewall.

How to protect your data from being exposed to malicious third-parties, and to prevent your LoadRunner components from being used by unauthenticated users?


A security solution based on an industry standard SSL/TLS library (OpenSSL), which includes both data encryption and authentication, was introduced in LoadRunner 12.00.

Please find instructions in the article New Ways to Secure Your LoadRunner Environment in 12.00 on how to protect your LoadRunner environment by:

  1. generating your own certificates and
  2. enabling the client or server certificate check for the Controller-Load generator communication in the following article: