Integration [869] - CSA Integration for HPE Insight Control Server Provisioning via OO

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CSA Integration for HPE Insight Control Server Provisioning via OO - Catalog Id: 869


The HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) product is integrated with HPE Insight Control server provisioning (ICsp) via an out-of-the-box content capsule delivered with CSA that enables the use of topology components to automate operating system installation of physical servers. This integration includes the ability to import HPE ICsp OS build plans (OSBPs) as components to be used in topology service designs. The import of components is only supported in the topology design experience.

CSA leverages ICsp OS build plans to install operating systems on physical HPE ProLiant servers, that when combined with the out-of-the-box content capsule integration for HPE OneView, supports deploying servers that have had a HP OneView Server Profile applied to configure the server prior to OS deployment. 

ICsp is a virtual appliance used to install and configure HPE ProLiant servers. Insight Control server provisioning uses resources such as OS Build Plans and scripts to run IC server provisioning deployment jobs.

With HPE IC server provisioning you can do the following:

  • Install Windows, Linux, and ESXi on ProLiant servers.
  • Deploy operating systems to Virtual Machines (VMs).
  • Update drivers, utilities, and firmware on ProLiant servers using the HPE Service Packs for ProLiant (SPPs).
  • Configure ProLiant system hardware, iLOs, BIOS, HPE Smart Array and Fibre Channel HBA.
  • Deploy to target servers without using PXE (for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers or later). You can do PXE-less deployment on these servers without any special configuration because they comewith built-in service OSs as part of the embedded Intelligent Provisioning feature.
  • Run deployment jobs on multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Customize your ProLiant deployments via an easy to use browser-based interface.
  • Create and run customized Build Plans to perform additional configuration tasks either before or after OS deployment.
  • Use REST API calls to perform all of the functions available from the Insight Control server provisioning UI.
  • Migrate from HP Insight Control server deployment (RDP) to Insight Control server provisioning.



By integrating HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) with HPE Insight Control server provisioning (ICsp) organizations can now automate OS provisioning on physical HPE ProLiant servers to create CSA service offerings that enable deployment of physical servers to offer alongside their virtual machine service offerings. 

If desired, services can even be created that deploy both VMs and physical servers as part of a single multi-tier service to enable use cases that require both the performance and reliability of physical server deployments as well as the flexibility and cost efficiency of virtualized servers. This enables a consistent CSA topology design experience to create cloud consumption of both virtual and physical server resources as part of both IaaS or SaaS focused service designs.

This integration provides both a generic ICsp OS Build Plan component as part of a sample service design as well as the ability to import new components that are directly bound to ICsp OS Build plans that exist on a HP ICsp appliance. The generic component can be used by service designers that wish to allow their users to type in which OS build plan to deploy (or select from a list); however, in most cases an imported component should be used when the service designer wants to directly control which build plan is used in the service. That latter results in the following workflow to create a new service design featuring a ICsp OS Build Plan component:

  1. Service designer utilizes the ICsp web-UI or REST API to create, edit, or identify an OS Build Plan that meets the needs of their service design's business use case.
  2. Service designer utilizes the Import feature from the Designs > Topology > Components page of the HP CSA Management Console to import the desired OS Build Plan from ICsp.
  3. Service designer creates or edits a topology service design to utilize the newly imported OS Build Plan component to deploy an OS on a server component that implements the HP ProLiant Server capability type. 
    Note: only HPE OneView Managed server components implement this capability type out-of-the-box, but custom components that do not require HP OneView could be created to meet this requirement if desired.
  4. [Optional] Service designer adds additional components to the design to deploy applications or perform additional configuration steps.  Chef, Puppet, or other topology component types that relate to the "Server" capability type can be used for this purpose.



Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation

Secondary Product:
Insight Control



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