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CSA Integration Pack for HPE OneView - Catalog Id: 868


The HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) product is integrated with HPE OneView via an out-of-the-box content capsule delivered with HPE CSA that enables the use of topology components to automate software defined provisioning of physical infrastructure, including servers, networking, and storage. This integration includes the ability to import HPE OneView Server Profiles as components to be used in topology service designs. The import of components is only supported in the topology design experience. 

CSA leverages HPE OneView Server Profiles as a template to deploy key aspects of a physical server configurations via a single CSA topology component.  Settings configured by the HPE OneView Server Profile component include:

  • Firmware levels
  • BIOS settings
  • network connectivity
  • boot order configuration
  • local storage
  • SAN storage
  • Unique IDs (such as server serial number and UUID)

When combined with other CSA out-of-the-box integrations such as HPE Insight Control, server provisioning, Chef, and Puppet, this integration supports the ability to deploy operating systems and application after the HPE OneView Server Profile has been applied.

HPE OneView is a purpose-built virtual appliance to manage your converged infrastructure and support key scenarios such as deploying bare-metal servers, deploying hypervisor clusters from bare metal, performing ongoing hardware maintenance, and responding to alerts and outages. It is designed for the physical infrastructure needed to support virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and mixed computing environments.


HPE OneView is delivered as a virtual appliance-a pre-configured virtual machine ready to be deployed on a hypervisor host. Optimized for collaboration, productivity, and reliability, the HPE OneView appliance is designed to provide simple, single-pane-of-glass lifecycle management for the complex aspects of enterprise IT-servers, networking, software, power and cooling, and storage. In contrast to management environments that require predefined serialized workflows and different tools for different tasks, HPE OneView is a scalable resource-oriented solution focused on the entire lifecycle-from initial configuration to ongoing monitoring and maintenance of both logical and physical resources:

  • Logical resources are items such as networks, server profiles, and connections.
  • Physical resources are items you can touch, such as server hardware, interconnects, and enclosures.

By integrating HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) with HPE OneView, organizations can now automate deployment of server profiles on physical servers. Server profiles enable you to provision converged infrastructure hardware quickly and consistently according to your best practices. Server profiles enable your experts to specify a server configuration before the server arrives, enabling your administrators to quickly bring a new server under management when the server hardware is installed.

Additionally, the CSA integration for HPE OneView allows for finer grained control over server hardware allocation than is possible with HPE OneView alone. This integration supports applying labels to servers in HPE OneView that will enable a server to only be deployed by a single CSA organization, a specific collection of CSA organizations, or all CSA organization. For example, this feature could be utilized to configure 20 servers to be available to the Engineering organization for exclusive use while allowing the remainder to be shared by all organizations.

This integration enables you to create CSA service offerings that enable deployment of physical servers that are managed by HPE OneView. If desired, services can even be created that deploy both VMs and physical servers as part of a single multi-tier service to enable use cases that require both the performance and reliability of physical server deployments as well as the flexibility and cost efficiency of virtualized servers. This enables a consistent CSA topology design experience to create cloud consumption of both virtual and physical server resources as part of both IaaS or SaaS focused service designs.

Included in the integration are both a generic HPE OneView Managed Server component as part of a sample service design as well as the ability to import custom server profile components that are directly bound to HPE OneView Server Profiles that exist on a HPE OneView appliance. The following workflow describes how a service designer would create a new service featuring a HPE OneView component:

    1. Register new or existing infrastructure (server hardware, enclosures, network switches, storage arrays, etc.) to be managed by your HPE OneView appliance.
    2. Label server hardware in HPE OneView to enable its deployment by CSA as well as define CSA Organization server allocations if desired.
    3. Utilize the HPE OneView web-UI, or other HPE supported integration (REST API, python, PowerShell, or HPE Operations Orchestration) to create, edit, or identify an unassigned HPE OneView server profile that meets the needs of their service design's business use case.
    4. Use the Import feature from the Designs > Topology > Components page of the HPE CSA Management Console to import the desired server profile from HPE OneView.
    5. Create or edit a topology service design to utilize the newly imported HPE OneView component to reserve and deploy a physical server with a copy of the requested server profile applied.
    6. [Optional] Add additional components to deploy an operating system on the selected server.

      Note: The HPE Insight Control server provisioning OS Build Plan component type is currently the only out-of-the-box component type that supports OS provisioning of HPE OneView Managed servers. Other custom components that do not require HPE ICsp could be created to perform the OS provisioning task if desired.

  1. [Optional] Add additional components to the design to deploy applications or perform additional configuration steps. Chef, Puppet, or other topology component types that relate to the Server capability type can be used for this purpose.



Leading Product:
Cloud Service Automation

Secondary Product:
HPE OneView



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