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  • 11-Jun-2018
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OO Platform - SAW integration - Catalog Id: 867


Operation Orchestration - Service Anywhere Integration

The integration of Operations Orchestration (OO) with Service Anywhere (SAW) provides a robust solution for automation needs.The automation of task plans is now extended to include runbook flows that execute on premise, including actions such as patch deployments, application execution management, system resets, user password resets, and more.

OO provides the most robust runbook automation solution in the industry, including out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, scenarios as well as an extensive automation flow creation editor. Two primary use cases for the integration include Change and Service Request Management.

Within Change, you can define Change models with automation task plans that invoke OO for patch deployment, server upgrades and application management.

Within Service Request Management, you can define catalog offerings with automation task plans that could include, for example, new computer request configurations, or self-service password resets.

This integration provides:

  • Direct access content from Operations Orchestration and ability to execute flows as an automatic task in a record.
  • Simple configuration using business rules in any task plan (for example from Change, Incident, Catalog, Problem, and other Service Anywhere records).
  • Point-and-click configuration that maps Service Anywhere data into OO flow parameters.
  • Visual tracking of OO flow execution within the context of Service Anywhere task plans.
  • Mapping and use of OO flow output results as Service Anywhere task plan data.



Leading Product:
Service Anywhere

Secondary Product:
Operations Orchestration Platform



For the Service Anywhere Help Center, click here.

Go to the following topic for details on the integration: 
Service Anywhere -  Administration > Record Management > Integration with Operations Orchestration


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Operations Orchestration Platform
Service Anywhere
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